Erika is a creative professional who is great to work with. She is very customer focussed and runs great workshops in which everyone feels involved and engaged. She is flexible and gets participants to look at important issues in a fun, creative and active way. I recommend Erika highly. Ron Cacioppe   May 28, 2012

Erika was contracted to run a 3 day workshop in Derby, Western Australia. Erika did an excellent job in getting participants to interact with each other and managed to get some tough issues looked at.

Feedback from participants was very good, highly praised, they said it was “too deadly” – was different from what they expected, lots of laughter and not boring.  Participants were still talking about the workshop out in the community afterwards.

We would love to have Erika back in the near future to run further workshops as she presents herself as efficient, helpful, passionate and happy doing her job with a lively self –motivated, positive attitude.

Maureen Drummond


Family and Domestic Violence Support & Outreach Service

9th March, 2010

Erika was a dynamic and motivational facilitator, whose boundless energy was essential in engaging the girls from Australian Islamic College…Erika’s awareness of cultural limitations and difference was crucial in her delivery of the program, and she navigated around it marvellously…I would recommend Erika to other agencies who want to use a non-threatening tool to address sensitive and/or taboo issues…

Anju Sivarajah

former SASA officer at City of Stirling

0433 180 300

December 2009

“Erika was an engaging facilitator who created a customised program to address the needs of a wide range of participants. She thought “outside the box” and delivered an innovative and creative course for a mostly technical audience. Her non-confrontational and enthusiastic manner led to a successful outcome for participants. “

Cathy Hopper

Marketing and Communication Aurecon,

December 2010

Erika is an innovative, creative, interactive, experienced and a very organised practitioner and I recommend her to groups looking for new and exciting ways to team build and problem solve.

Erika came to see us at the City of Swan

What a great time was had by everyone

We laughed, we cried

We thought, we tried

And with Erika’s help

We all took a ride

A ride or journey into what makes us tick

The strong and the weak, the sad and the sick

In solving a problem we need all to unite

And keep vision and goals firmly in sight

Erika helped us to realise our dreams

To reach out and accept the value of teams

Thank you to Erika, her talent and style

Is certainly one that the City will file.

Trish McCourt

Engagement Officer, City of Swan

November 2010

“…thank you very much for your wonderful presentation at the Department for Child Protection (Fremantle Office) 2009 conference…You managed to successfully engage and enthral a group of 70 social workers and allied health professionals for over 2 hours. It was engaging, at times confronting, interesting and fun.

I admire the way you were able to include all manner of people – no matter how introverted – in the session, making it relevant and positive for all. Most of all, the session brought the whole group together as a collective of different people, and made them feel like a team with a common purpose.

I appreciate the time, the effort and the considerable energy that you gave to the presentation and execution of your session. I would highly recommend your skills and presentation to anybody wishing to establish a sense of common purpose in a team…”

Ben Whitehouse

Team Leader, Department for Child Protection

December 2009

Erika was a presenter at the 2009 IAP2 Australasian Conference. The conference was titled Tackling the Tough Issues – Engaging for Results, which attracted nearly 200 delegates.

Her session ACT OUT – Theatre for Social Transformation, was the most highly rated session of the conference.

Some of the delegates’ comments included:

– Excellent

– Absolutely wonderful. Best session I have attended

– Brilliant

– Fantastic! More!

– Absolutely the best of the whole conference!

– Being quite new to this area – I found it really inspiring. Really well explained and great practical examples.

As well as being a respected and inspiring practitioner, Erika is also a pleasure to work with – she has such a lovely manner and is very accommodating. I would highly recommend Erika’s involvement in any artistic or community engagement/ development initiative

Amanda van Loon

Regional Coordinator, IAP2 WA

October 2009

I consider myself a bit of a grump who does not mix at all well in groups; in fact, I would rather visit a dentist than get into big group situations. So I was pleasantly surprised when the Act Out team-building session took me from being apprehensive about being with others to a believer in positive thought and action. Lots of mental and physical barriers were broken down and I have to admit that I had a lot of FUN!

Grant Rule

Department for Child Protection

January 26, 2010

I have attended several of Erika Jacobsen’s workshops as well as a Conference where she was involved in keeping us bright and alert to get through a heavy day.

I found Erika’s activities to be invaluable throughout the conference as well as being able to use some of them in the group work I do through my role as a Domestic Violence and Anger Management Counsellor to get people ‘loosened up and more comfortable with each other’.

Patsy Gould

Relationship & Family Violence Counsellor

May 10th 2011

Act Out delivered a fantastic interactive session that successfully brought over 70 social workers, psychologists, and health professionals together in a huge team-building exercise at the November 2009 Fremantle District Conference.

I was engaged from the start to the end as Erika guided us through exercises and techniques that were exciting, at times challenging and always fun. I found myself laughing and enjoying interacting with colleagues in a completely different way. I was surprised to see how the activities had everyone captivated and involved, from the shiest to the most extroverted. It definitely achieved the objectives of connecting and bringing to the surface commonalities between hugely diverse groups of people.

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to bring your staff closer together and explore some of the obstacles to unity and motivation, give this a go! Without a doubt, Act Out’s session hugely contributed to the overall success of the conference.

David Harrison

District Director, Department for Child Protection

January 2010

…Erika, this was probably the first time for many years that most of us had the opportunity to laugh until we ached since we were children. The basic exercises and left brain/right brain activities that you facilitated were amazingly simple but very effective and I know on a personal level I had the best time and have already adapted some of the workshops I present to include a lot of the stuff I have learn in the last week.

If these concepts and exercises work as well with the groups that I present to I will look forward to a huge improvement in the participation levels of the groups. I am looking forward to testing out the theories and exercises. Thank you Erika it was great!

Glenise Ullrich

Community Educator

Midwest Men’s Health

Geraldton, Western Australia