Creative thinking…want more of it?

Creative thinking tools – a lunchtime information session

Do you want to establish a creative practice for your team? For yourself? Increase the creativity output of your team? Improve the creative culture of your organisation?  Or simply be more creative all round?

Come to this fun and hands on information session!!

In 45 minutes you will get:
1. Some valuable tips to improve the creative output of idea generating/problem solving sessions
2. Two creative tools that will help increase the number of ideas generated (we will practice these briefly)
3. Some deliciously playful activities to stimulate your creative juices

…I will also tell you a bit more about the programs I can create to help your organisation or team increase the creativity and innovation in strategic planning sessions, idea generation sessions and general individual creativity… you’ll take lots of value back to your workplace that you can put to use straight away

WHERE: SPACECUBED – 45 St George’s Terrace, Perth, WA
WHEN: Friday 10 MAY
TIME: 12 – 12:45 PM
RSVP:  or 0406 758 062